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What is The Music Village?

The Music Village ("TMV") is a community musical arts center and school located in the heart of downtown South Bend. At the core of TMV's mission is the belief that where the arts flourish, so do people and communities. TMV demonstrates this by creating opportunities to learn about, experience, and participate in music and dance that reflect the rich cultural traditions of the people of Michiana. Resources are focused on improving and expanding musical arts opportunities for people of all ages, interests, abilities, backgrounds, and incomes.


History and Beginnings

In 2011, the Director of the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago gave a presentation to a group of South Bend community members. The idea to start a similar institution caught fire with a few excited individuals and, within six months, TMV was born. Community, academic, business, arts, and civic leaders rallied around the project, providing services as varied as teaching classes, providing legal counsel, donating instruments, and painting walls. TMV opened in June 2012 with two instructors and 14 students. 



Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, TMV served over 400 individuals via in-house lessons, classes, and programs per month, and hundreds more via community outreach partnerships. In March 2020, TMV pivoted to meet students’ and participants’ needs by offering virtual lessons and classes. Today, TMV is growing again, serving over 200 students online and in-person per month. In addition, TMV offers free programs (jams, open-mics, and workshops – in-person and virtual) and works collaboratively with over 40 partnering educational, social, and civic organizations to bring cultural enrichment opportunities to all in South Bend and throughout Michiana.


What’s Next?

Since opening its doors over ten years ago, TMV has grown, evolved, and adapted to best serve our community through the musical arts. Emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, TMV’s future is brighter than ever thanks to people like you. Your support will help TMV continue to create, adapt, expand, and deliver arts education and culturally-enriching programming in our region – at a time when it is most needed. Simply put, your investment in The Music Village is an investment in the future of the musical arts in downtown South Bend, Michiana, and beyond. 


The Music Village: Building Community Through Music. 

Give to TMV today and keep the music flowing!
TMV Information Packet
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